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We get it, training your dog can be extremely frustrating. Even if you have all of the appropriate tools and resources, you simply don’t have the time to train your dog. At Executive K9 Protection Group, we adjust our training programs to meet your needs. As a Dog Trainer in Washington DC, we have board and train packages for most of our programs, and we can even come to your location. Client satisfaction is what we’re after—and our job isn’t complete until your dog is well-trained and ready for new commands and responsibilities.

Located in Alexandria, Virginia, Executive K9 Protection Group is a veteran-owned business ready to provide the best training for you and your family. As a Dog Behaviorist in Washington DC we’re certified evaluators of Therapy Pets Unlimited and members of the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen program and the American Protection and Patrol Dog Association (APPDA). Executive K9 Protection Group is a government contractor and is licensed to sell dogs in Virginia and Maryland, and to the federal government. Our flexibility is what sets us apart from our competitors—we offer a variety of packages that meet the needs of every family, every dog, and every lifestyle.

Certified Consultations

Executive K9 Protection Group is just what you need to train your dog to meet your family’s or business’s needs. Why wait another day to ensure the safety of your loved ones or the protection of your valuables? Call today for a FREE phone consultation!

Multiple Packages

Our packages suit all needs. Whether you’re in need of obedience or personal protection, Executive K9 Protection Group can help you. Our knowledgeable and experienced trainers can train the best guard dog, service dog, emotional support dog, or drug detection dog.


Check out our amazing reviews from happy clients.

From obedience to personal protection and rescue—we’ve got the dogs and the training to help you in any situation

As a Dog Trainer in Washington DC, we train guard dogs, service dogs, emotional support dogs, drug detection dogs, and search and rescue dogs. If your pup is just in need of some basic training, why not check out our obedience program? We also provide personal protection dogs.

Our unique training programs include behavior specialists who know how to work with any dog to meet any need. Our business helps a wide range of clients, including families with small children, couples who are frustrated with misbehaving dogs, and warehouse owners in need of protection. Whatever your need, Executive K9 Protection Group can help!

Whether you’re after obedience or protection—or anything in between—we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied by the end of the program! Your dog will not only be trained to meet your needs but will also have received the same training used with some police and military dogs.

Going beyond other dog training programs, we can train your dog to perform even the most difficult tasks. Whether you need your dog to be ready to detect scents like narcotics, explosives, or tracking or you want him to guard valuables at the warehouse we can help. Nothing makes us happier than teaching a dog new skills and leaving our clients with a smile on their faces.

We work with dogs and dog owners all over the country and glad to be a top Dog Trainer around and outside of the DMV area for board and train, pickups, and drop-offs. 

Emotional Support


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Our Dog Training Packages

Board & Training Package

8 private lessons, including the basic obedience curriculum, plus advanced commands and distraction training

Therapy Dog Training

14-day “Training Camp” that teaches advanced obedience and behavior modification

Aggressive Dog Training

Introduction to obedience training, housebreaking, crate training, socialization, and park structure (for dogs younger than 5 months)

Multiple 5-Star Reviews

"Our dog, Scout, is with Eric as I write this. Eric has been great. He really took the time to ask questions and understand the challenges we are having with Scout so he can cater his training to address those things and more! It’s tough to leave her with a “stranger” but he made it much easier because we spoke several times and I was able to get to know him beforehand. Scout was comfortable with him right away and he gives me regular updates so I get to hear how she is doing. I would definitely recommend Eric if you’re looking for someone who will not only do a great job training your dog, but also make sure she feels loved while she is away from home."

Cecily W

"I got a prompt response of Executive K-9 Protection Group LLC. I had a conversation with Mr. Gallant over the phone about my rescue dog and he already has given me some answers about his behavior and tips in how to correct it. He is really knowledgeable and care about the dogs he works with. His rate is also very reasonable compared to other experts in this area. We are really excited to start our dog training tomorrow!"

Loany D

"I met with Eric the day I spoke with him! His education and work experience were just what I was looking for. In the first hour, he was able to stop my German Shepherd puppy from aggressively barking and pulling on the lead at other dogs! He really knows and loves dogs. The value of his training is worth the cost. I plan to take advantage of his expertise in other training areas such as protection. I will keep this review updated as my dog and I progress. I just wanted to add that Eric is an exceptionally kind person. I feel fortunate to have met him."

Abderrazzak L.

"While the the dog that was sold to me was not inexpensive he was trained very well and I wouldnt want an inexpensive service dog to protect my house,family and my self. This was an extremely worth while investment and have no regrets what so ever. Eric has a streamlined program and he spent A day showing us how to work with the dog."

Matthew G

"Answered my phone call quickly and responded with his opinion and time to get together with my dogs to interact with them and evaluate. Unfortunately, he lived too far away for things to work out on my part."

Virginia K

"Eric did a great job with my difficult dog! He was very persevering and committed to getting the job done. He was also very professional and willing to go above and beyond. My dog seemed to like him and he is very committed to the quality of his work. Would recommend."

Rachel W

"Eric is a gem. We were so stressed that our pup was mal-adjusted, but he proved we were wrong. I’d give Eric a solid 5 stars and more!"

Chad L.